My name is Abby and storytelling is something I’m good at. Whether it be the story I came up with in my head or the tale of another who touches people’s hearts… I put my words out there in hopes to touch a soul or two… A heart in need of soothing… An inspiration to those seeking a path of their own… A happiness that seems out of reach…
This blog is a compilation of my stories… It will have links to other blogs I manage and write for… Here is my gypsie caravan full of tales of people with golden hearts, fantastical tales of the other worldly creatures of nature… Here are the tales of a gypsie soul…
“Sit around my fire, my children and listen to the tales of an old gypsie soul… Though my hair is not gray, my heart is wrinkled with time and experience, my soul tired from pain, my love ageless as the clouds in the sky, and my words as true as the beams of sun on your back… Listen my children for the tales I tell will reach your minds and souls and fill them with questions and answers of the truest sort…”


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