I feel it creeping in again

It’s running through my brain

It washes over every sense

And drives me near insane

It feels like wasted hopeless dreams

And wrong just by design

It hurts my heart to be this way

But the fault must be mine

I feel the way I’m changing

I don’t like the way I am

But no one else wants to save me

They don’t want to help me stand

I have let the negativity

The stress, the overload, the rage

To wash all over my senses

And take the center stage

I feel so old and useless

So ugly and obscene

I feel so worn and tired

So hateful and so mean

I know my God can love me

In this awful state

But as for the man I love

I know it must be too late

I ruin all I care for

I crush it into dust

My heart is made of steel

But it’s bound to be covered in rust

It was broken too much

Shattered to pieces of glass

Glued together with bubblegum

Set afire and turned to ash

Grown cold from all the disrespect

A human after all

Who caught so many from landing hard’

But left to take the fall

I’m crushed, I’m battered and bruised

I’m broken and I’m sore

I hit rock bottom pretty hard

Trying to settle the score

So I’ll settle back beneath my bridge

I shall not let you pass

The troll controls the body now

My sweetness is in the trash


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One thought on “Troll

  1. Pat Sanders says:

    It is a different kind of poem. However, I think people would identify with it and maybe try to make some changes.

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