Let You Out


Let You Out

I never meant to become your burden

Your whipping post

Your bad time

That’s just not what I meant to be

Life was supposed to be easier for you

With me around

But it’s gotten so hard

Giving up all the pieces

A piece of you

A piece of me

All the pieces just lying on the ground

Cold and discarded

Forgotten that we ever gave them in the first place

Jealousy and rage

Fights that begin with us and end at you versus me

I never meant to become your enemy

The one who heightens all your fears

The one who brings you to your knees to pray

I wish I wasn’t that one

I loved you the only way I knew how

With all of me

And none of me

Confusion abounds

Life spins on a tilting axel

A wheel that wants to come off

But we hold it tight

Clinging to something we know is unstable

Yet we still ride

We still pray

We still love

Passionately and hard

I never meant for you to think I don’t love you

Because I do

In my own broken way

With tears streaming down my face

I would die for you

I would kill for you

I would be the Bonnie to your Clyde

The Harley to your Joker

I would take whatever abuse love has for me

Because I deserve every low blow

Every striking stinging word

I deserve the pain that feels too good to let loose

I never meant to show you my pain

My faults

My indecisions

But my heart craved your touch

And my love opened the door and let you in

Into my head filled with darkness

A darkness that rules

A darkness that maybe love cannot even conquer

I never meant to let you in

Because now I am afraid I can never let you out


Picture Credit link: http://jiajenn.deviantart.com/art/Trapped-angel-529581711


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