Symbols of Love


Symbols of love cannot be bought

They cannot die or be discarded 

Symbols of love are not things 

They are actions that are whole-hearted

It’s not something you can hold in your hand 

It’s not a soft place to land

It’s not the thing to take all your fear

It’s a word and an action only the heart can hear

It’s a language that speaks in soft whispering words

Seen only with eyes filled with hope 

When life throws us down the rabbit hole

It’s the hand holding a life saving rope

It’s not something you can see with your eyes

Or whispered words in the dark night, spoken in sighs 

It’s not a thing that glitters with gold

It’s an action, a verb, a thing that never grows old

A symbol of love can withstand the test of time

It can pause life for a moment and burn it in our brain

It is a feeling that sews two souls together

It can make two people feel, for one moment, just the same

It is warm, it is wonderful and can never be forgotten

It’s a memory, a keepsake, it’s every gift that’s been gotten

It’s an action, a thought a sign from above

It is, simply put, a showing of love


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