Why My Mommy?


I always wondered why God made her the way he did.

Sad and confused.

Tired and angry.

Why my mommy?

Why does she have to cry when daddy calls?

Why couldn’t God just make him love her more?

Why couldn’t he just make her feel better?

I always wondered why life hurt her so much.

Tying her down to her bed.

Beating her from inside her own head.

Why my mommy?

Why can’t she just laugh once in a while?

Why can’t she just play with us when we ask?

Why can’t she just feel better?

Then one day her fight was gone.

No longer strong.

Just a shell of the woman she wanted to be.

Why my mommy?

Why did depression have to take my mommy from me?

Why couldn’t she have fought harder?

Why do I have to be all alone now?

She won’t talk and she won’t even look my way.

My daddy had to have her put away.

They say she’s dangerous to herself.

Why my mommy?

Why couldn’t you save her God?

Why couldn’t you just make her all better again?

Why God?

Why my mommy?


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