Lucky Girl


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Lucky Girl

She’s so very lucky

He’s so damn great

He’s got the good looks

Got his head on straight

She’s so very lucky

To have a man so kind

He’s so funny and hardworking

He’s such a great find

She’s so very lucky

But don’t they see

She may be so lucky

But so is he

Back in their home

Where no one can see

This stay at home mother

Who is so very lucky

Making his lunches

Cooking his food

Raising their children

For this man they call good

His luck has no substance

They see only the nag

The one who controls him

The bitchy windbag

They’ve never seen

The tears she has cried

Her white knuckled grip

As she hangs on for the ride

Lost is the knowledge

Of all the hard times

When she put on her broken wings

Which his halo outshines

They see all the times

Where she fell over her feet

When her emotions bested her

And knocked her out of her seat

His life was not easy

But did she make it harder?

She has stood by his side

Encouraged him to be a good father

She’ told him “never give up”

That he can do anything

And although she’s not his queen

To her he will always be king

She’s prayed in his bad times

And in his good she showed pride

And when all the world hurt him

It was her tears that were cried

When he was angry and hurtful

She stood her ground

And when he walked out the door

She stuck around

She is so very lucky

But it truly hurts

When nobody sees

His luck is equal to hers



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