Fire of Insanity


When pain takes over common sense and loneliness whisks away love from your heart and your bones… When the blinding light of hope tears your sight from tear stained eyes and makes you blind to all that is good in the world… When nothing seems to make sense and tears are the only thing to douse the fire of insanity…

My tears cannot put out the flames…

Forgotten desires… Hidden meanings… Stale honeymoon…

Expectations high… Fallen down amongst the fall colored leaves…

Swirling in the river… Lost in the sea… Floating among the clouds….

No need for fairytale dreams… No happy endings wait in the wings… You are not the princess…

No damsel in distress… Stronger than life’s toils… But not strong enough to survive alone…

Pain robs your happiness… Strength takes your sweetness… Doubt steals your sight… Sadness silences your words… Love breaks your heart… The fire of insanity burns your soul to ashes….


2 thoughts on “Fire of Insanity


    You read my diary. How dare you. How’s Mad Cow Boss? This is a nice looking place you got here, by the way. The song ROYALS by Lorde, I love it.

    • Why thank ya Fairy Gunmother 🙂 MCMB is doing well hoping today this blog will have some new material to be read… Just wait until you see all the poetry that is coming soon… Breaking out my 15 year old little black journal that is finally almost full… Some depressing stuff in there… but it is sooo good… teenage angst at its best…

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